So from where did the name Acts 29 come?

The short answer is the Bible. But there’s more. If you do your homework there are only 28 chapters in the book of Acts – the fifth book of the New Testament.

About a year before forming Acts 29 Consulting, a sermon by a pastor who was heavily involved in the Acts 29 Ministries ( touched my heart in a way that convicted me to stand boldly in my faith. Fast forward about 12 months and I was at the crossroads of naming the company. Although the traditional route of using my last name was briefly considered, it just wasn’t the message I wanted to convey. I alone am not the company. After much prayer I was convicted to select the name of Acts 29 Consulting because I believed there is more to work that having your name on a sign on the front door. Work is where we spend at least half our waking hours. It’s where we build relationships and some find purpose. The more the name sank in the clearer this company’s purpose became.

Acts 29 Consulting is an MEP consulting engineering firm and then some. It serves as a place for people to come together, to be healed and to serve the community and one another. There are no direct church planting efforts at Acts 29 Consulting but seed planting efforts are occurring in the work environment daily.

For some time now the name itself has served as a daily reminder that the workplace is an amazing mission field. The workplace is no different that one’s home, the grocery store or the church. God is at work everywhere. We welcome faith in the workplace. There is no greater blessing than serving others in ways that glorifies the Father. Blessings!

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