Our Future

Acts 29 Consulting has enjoyed a growth pattern typical of any highly successful company.

After its inception, Matthew Short, the founder, invested heavily into creating a trustworthy and reliable brand, building a foundation for growth and establishing the firm as a Center of Excellence.

During the next few years, Acts 29 Consulting experienced 8X growth between 2014 and 2018 resulting in new clients, new team members and an enviable track record of performance.

Acts 29 Consulting has since leveraged a typical stabilization phase to focus on capability, competency, culture, organizational structure, branding and market differentiation.

The firm is now prepared to drive the next S-curve of growth to create new opportunities in response to growing customer demand. Mr. Short is committed to growth and providing opportunity for team members while increasing Acts 29 Consulting’s impact on its customers and its community.

Rarely over the course of a career does someone have an opportunity to join a firm at the Point of Inflection immediately preceding explosive growth. Acts 29 Consulting recognizes this is a rare opportunity and is committed to engaging the right people to both participate in the work as well as enjoy the rewards.

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